Maximal Capital Difference

Disruptive fee structure

Unlike industry, we strive to make most of our fees being linked to returns generated for clients

Non-institutional approach

Unlike industry, we have an opportunistic style which includes taking active cash & valuation calls

Private equity (PE) style

Unlike industry which relies mostly on sell side research, our experience allows us to do deep primary research

Business like investing

Unlike industry, we have a concentrated approach of investing in things we know very well

What You Should Expect From Us

Skin In the Game

Most of our networth is invested in the same set of stocks as clients

Long Term Partnership

We treat clients as extremely long-term partners and invest their money as we invest ours

Excellence In Skills

We believe in always honing our skills, aiming for excellence and spend most time here

Discipline / Risk Management

We always follow prudence and use margin of safety, our rule no. 1 is to avoid permanent loss

What You Should Not Expect From Us

Focus on Marketing

Our core is research and not marketing and will always remain so

Short Termism

Our thinking about business and clients is never transactional or short term in nature

Speculation / Trading

We are opportunistic but we will never speculate or indulge in any hope based investing

Macro Over Micro

We don’t have a view on Macro. We believe in deep fundamental bottoms up investing