Maximal Pathfinder Value Fund – Our flagship equity fund

1. Investment objective – To generate long-term capital appreciation on a risk-adjusted basis. Being long-only in nature, the endeavor is to beat the benchmark over the relevant time horizon.

2. Investment approach

  • Top 10 stocks > 60% allocation
  • Multicap with bias towards small and midcap
  • PE style independent primary research
  • Balance between high beta and low beta sectors
  • Investment Horizon of 3-5 years

Maximal Income Fund

1. Investment objective – To generate long term consistent income through dividends and interest, with the potential upside of capital appreciation.

2. Investment approach

  • Customized based on the timing of the client’s investments
  • Companies run by credible management with track record
  • Extremely high portion of the portfolio is liquid
  • Largely investing in AAA rated securities